Project Runway Quick Reaction

My full recap won't be up later in the day tomorrow, but last night's surprise ending needs some talking. The obvious choice to go home was, for me, Patricia. Yes, she got the horrible curse of working with Richard, but she could have done the amazing thing and over come that. I did agree that Michelle deserved a bottom spot. I loved her look, but she did go against the set parameters of the challenge without doing something quite spectacular enough.

Now Michelle faces a mysterious "do or die" challenge. I'm glad she wasn't instantly out because she's my favorite, but I'm worried. What are your thoughts? What do you think the challenge will be? Is the rest of the season worth watching without Michelle?


Rachel said…
Aah! I was winding up to get so mad because I thought she was going home... I'm excited to see what her special challenge is! I'm not sure what to expect, and I'll be really annoyed if she goes home before Patricia. There's a lot to be said for creativity and originality, but it's not worth anything if it's not utilized well.

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