Stop Discontinuing My Products: An open letter/rant

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Dear beauty companies,

I regularly buy a small collection of products. Most of the products I buy are so popular they are frequently sold out at local stores forcing me to order them or trot around from store to store trying to get them. Clearly, these are big sellers. These products have been going strong for years. These were my frizz cream, my hairspray, my moisturizer, my shampoo, my conditioner, my body conditioner, my favorite summery red nail polish, my favorite eye shadow color, and so much more. You discontinued them. Why? Why must you do this to me?


I know companies want to reinvent things, keep the products fresh, and streamline their product lines. It just feels like they often do this with very little regard for their customers. Nearly every product I've used and lost has experienced a massive outcry from users online. The company offers some vague reason why they cut it and offer something completely different to replace it. I know they have reasons. Products come and go. I just wish the draw for new and shiny wasn't so frequently the demise of my beloved products.

John Freida most recently discontinued my shampoo and conditioner. The suggested replacement, a new addition to the same line, is almost identical. In fact the ingredients only differ slightly. Most notably, the fragrance has changed a bit and moved up on the ingredient list. Because of this, I broke out in hives all over and got a horrible case of the shakes. I have sensitive skin and allergies so changing products is, for me, a lot like testing poisons until I find one I can most tolerate building an immunity to. It's not a fun place to be. It's so not fun that I ordered a years supply from the websites that still had a stock. I don't know what I'll do in a year, but I have until then to convince them to change it back.

What favorites of yours have been discontinued? How have you dealt with it or found replacements? (One tip, in a few cases, the store brand versions stuck around for a while after the real product vanished).


Yes! All the time!

It's just like stop reformulating it. IT was perfect. And now it's not. You just ruined it for me. Le sigh.

And I feel like it would backfire on them, because I usually am so turned off by a brand (esp if the new formulation doesn't work for me) that I switch to a competing brand.
Jael Paris said…
Maybelline does all sorts of package redesigns, but they keep the dated pink and green mascara bottle because that mascara is the best in the industry for the price. Although, I recently bought a bottle, and it seems suspiciously different.

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