Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, and I can't wait to get outside and start cleaning up my yard. I also need to clean out my car. Of course, my house always needs a little attention. But I also need to attend to my fashion cleaning. Here's my usual to-do list.

Clean out your closet. Throw away what is torn or stained. Give away what doesn't fit correctly or is no longer your style. Don't forget your accessories. You can even have fun with it by hosting a clothing swap with your friends.

Clean your shoes. Polish, wax, touch up with marker, re-apply protectors. Do you need a professional buffing or to have heels retipped?

Clean out your purse. Why are you hoarding all those coffee receipts? (So said the woman with 6 months of grocery lists in her bag.)

Clean out your makeup bag. Eyes are so sensitive and bacteria can build up on the surface of your eye shadow. Generally, you should throw a shadow out after six months have passed, mascara if more than three months. It's a hard rule to follow as makeup is expensive, but if you've ever had trouble with your eyes, you'll thank me later. I didn't do this years ago, but worsening eye allergies have made it a must.

Don't forget to clean your makeup brushes, although you really want to do that more than once a season. You do not need to raise your hand if you suddenly can't remember the last time you cleaned them. We won't judge.

What fashion cleaning do you need to do?


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