Project Runway S11E8: What Not To Wear

I'm not even sure how to write about this episode. I'm with Heidi when she said she wanted to wrap early and eliminate everyone. Nothing looked good. In fact, it was so bad I couldn't keep from laughing as they came down the runway. The judges were even having a hard time. The clothes were the worst I've ever seen on the show.

The designers were put into two teams of four and challenged to create tear away look for the Thunder Down Under - a troop of Australian male erotic dancers.

I have several problems with the challenge itself:
  1. I don't like menswear challenges. This is a womenswear competition. I know fashion is for everyone, but it's not within the designers training and it doesn't apply to who is the best womenswear designer, which is the goal of the show.
  2. The designers only had one day for this challenge. They aren't menswear designers. They were set up for failure.
  3. This is the challenge where the judges picked the teams to see how people worked together. I don't know why they wasted that pick on such an unconventional challenge. It just resulted in a lot of strife. 
  4. Tearaway clothes for male strippers seems even more out of the realm of fashion than costumes for female wrestlers did.
  5. One of the teams named themselves "Team 50 Shades of Grey." Ugh!
In a Project Runway first, there was no winner. There was, however, a less losing team, Team 50 Shades of Grey. None of the looks were any good. I don't feel a need to discuss them individually.

The losing team was Team Slick and Hip (which is almost worse than Team 50 Shades of Grey, almost). Samantha made the look on the left, except for the shirt, which Richard made. Her look was almost serviceable, and she was the first to safety. Layana tried to make a jacket in the center, but had no idea how to make menswear. It looked like a ladies jacket and a very funny fit on the big muscle-y guy wearing it. Richard made all the shirts, and he made them terribly. For a designer, it's astonishing that he hasn't even paid attention to how his own clothes are made.
It was Amanda who went home. She made pants from the same pattern that she created for Samantha to use, and they wouldn't stay closed (which gave Nina the giggles). She'd been in the bottom enough. I would have actually liked to see Richard go. He lied about helping Layana, made a ton of excuses and was useless to his team. I think Amanda did better than he did. I wish the judges got to watch some of the workroom footage for eliminations.

What did you think of the challenge and the of the clothes? Do you think Amanda deserved to go home?


Cait Throop said…
I've seen enough of Richard and yes that was the most ridiculous episode yet. Totally irrelevant.
lisacng said…
I was totally laughing seeing the clothes come down the runway too! I agree with Nina that on top of bad construction, there was no creativity! Richard is just a baby, making excuses and not helping his team because they shot-down his awful ideas. I don't think Amanda shoulda went home (even tho she's annoying). I agree, this challenge shoulda definitely been at least 2 days.

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