Project Runway S11E10: Print It!

This week finally brought us the print challenge. I love this challenge. I think it's one of the best in the Project Runway arsenal. Unfortunately, the designers rarely live up to it's potential. This group, however, has done some of the best work overall. Again, the judges assigned teams and sent them off the the Guggenheim museum for inspiration. Each team of two designers had to create an art piece and a ready to wear item that went with it. The challenge has a prize of $10,000 and some HP computer-y thing.

Daniel and Layana were paired and chose to work with a geometric print, which was just OK. Daniel originally wanted to create the art piece, but relented so Layana could have more creative control. I mostly like Layana. And last week, Daniel went all drama queen on Michelle. However, this week Layana got a little too self-important and lost her direction completely. While Daniel created a put-together and chic ready to wear look (left), Layana made a messy and confused "art" piece. I didn't care for her crying because Daniel thought he did a better job. She need to pull it together, and she could use a little humility. She's a good designer, but not yet near a great one. Hopefully the stress of competition won't cost her a spot at fashion week.

Stanley and Michelle turned out to be a dream team together. Michelle created this crazy cool, crazy weird print. I want everything made out of this print. I love it. Creepy little faces are totally cool. I also love what they did with the print. Stanley's ready to wear look (left) still had a lot of flair, and Michelle did a great job with the drama of the long coat. I also love that they used bubble wrap to create the front of the dress. I do have a problem with just Stanley winning. This should have been a split victory. Each designer could have won $5,000 and a computer-y thing. If they have to work as a team, they need to win as a team. Only one winner causes un-team-like behavior.

Patricia and Richard were the losing team. For a person with so much printmaking experience, I expected a better print than what Patricia created. I liked what she did with the painted interpretation of the print on her art piece (right), but it wasn't great overall. She and Richard were a horrible pair. Both are bad at communicating what they are really doing and they share no common ground at all. Patricia's piece was confused. Richard's was awful. I'm glad to see Richard go. He was really annoying me.

What do you think of the winner and loser this week? As for fashion week, I'm currently routing for Michelle and Stanley. I'm not sure who else. Michelle is my only constant this season, everyone else switches around in standing for me.


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