Paris Fashion Week FW13: Miu Miu, Viktor & Rolf

Who: Miu Miu
What it made us think of: A 1990's interpretation of the 1950s.
What we liked: polka dots, stripes, underskirts, full coats, zippers, neckerchiefs, velvet mary janes
What we didn't: thick soled shoes, a general feeling of sportiness (my least favorite 90's trend)

Who: Viktor & Rolf
What it made us think of: A family is saddened by their daughter's mood swings and withdrawal from the family. "Teenagers. What can you do?" they say. Little do they realize she had been bitten by an arctic werewolf.
What we liked: black and white, bows, ruffles,
What we didn't: The skirts are so short!

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