Paris Fashion Week FW13: Balmain, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenzo

Who: Balmain
What it made us think of: The 1980s at its most excessive.
What we liked: square shoulders, thigh high boots, leather
What we didn't: I actually like certain elements of 80s fashion, but this doesn't incorporate them in any new way. This is outright costume from a house whose iconic looks are not from the 80s. Speaking of 80s icons...

Who: Jean Paul Gaultier
What it made us think of: A cluttered mind living in the past.
What we liked: jackets like medieval armor reimagined in glove leather, floaty skirts, modularity,
What we didn't: the hair, logo print, fur things, patchwork

Who: Kenzo
What it made us think of: Oh, no! The fabric store closed. What can we do with these ribbon scraps and a wallpaper sample book?
What we liked: metallics, brocade, casual shapes, reptile texture,
What we didn't: shoes, eye print (though the right woman could really work it),

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