Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2013

When asked who are my fashion icons, I always say Queen Elizabeth I. She is a fascinating woman to start with, but as a fashion nerd, I deeply love her clothes. Huge skirts, dramatic collars, and embellished everything are some of my favorite wardrobe touchstones. We think of designer clothes now as being something for the very rich, but could you imagine the wealth and power of a person with precious stones sewn into their clothing? That's the power of a person with a Tower.

Sarah Burton focused on the church of England for Pre-Fall, and returned to that idea for this brief show of only ten looks. To me, however, this reads as the peak of the Elizabethan Age. Regality, strength, power, sexuality, imprisonment. And all of those pearls...

The McQueen woman of 2013 is stunning and withdrawn, or is she pushing people away? Her face barred. Her fingers gloved. Is she a decoration or making a bold display? Virginal or naughty? Like Queen Elizabeth I, she's complex, fascinating, and she wears pearls because she damn well pleases.

Click through the gallery below for details of the pearl and pleat collars, face cages, and embellished boots as well as the five looks not pictured above.


Jennifer Wells said…
This is pure candy for me. Maybe I could stand to be a little more Elizabethan myself.
Jael Paris said…
"Does this make me feel like the Queen of England?" is a perfectly reasonable question to ask your wardrobe.

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