10 Springy Lace Overlay Dresses

When I was out shopping the other week, I couldn't stop picking up the white lace dresses. I was especially enamored with the dresses with a bright lining. They felt so light and sweet and spring. It was a breath of sartorial fresh air in a month that has brought my area this season's biggest snow storms. If Easter weekend is springy like it should be, any of these would be perfect with tights, flats, and a cropped jacket.
1. baby blue fit and flare, Mod Cloth $83
2. yellow one-sloulder sheath, Macy's $148
3. orange fit and flare, ASOS $118
4. baby blue dress, Mod Cloth $53
5. yellow shift, ASOS $105
6. peach sheath, Mod Cloth $93
7. neon yellow skater dress, Express $49 (sale)
8. teal a-line, J. C. Penney's $40
9. navy skater dress, ASOS $88
10. neon red surprise inverse, Mod Cloth $58


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