New York Fashion Week FW13: Thom Browne, Ralph Lauren

Who: Thom Browne
What it made us think of: Helena Bonham Carter as a cross between the Queen of Hearts and Snow White's step-mother.
What we liked: giant shoulders, big hair, cupid's bow mouths, layers of lace, rose tights, structured hips, patterned booties, corsetry, menswear influence, grey (really!)

Who: Ralph Lauren
What it made us think of: Russian dock workers circa 1890 in love with high society girls.
What we liked: high collars, neck bows, velvet, a-lines, flowing pants, flare legs, black & white, chunky sweaters, hats, detailed jackets

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Jennifer Wells said…
Also, my seven-year-old son is one of the most stylish people I've ever met. He was looking at this with me and said of the first one, "That looks Japanese," and of the second one, "Look at the sea captain stuff." It was fun. He's quite the little fashionista.

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