London Fashion Week FW13: Julien Macdonald, Louise Gray, Sister by Sibling

Who: Julien Macdonald
What it made us think of: Arts and crafts with glitter obsessed college cheerleaders
What we liked: spiffy metallic oxfords, the idea of being a disco ball
What we didn't: sheer, haphazard hairy fringe, sweaty post-sex romp hair

Who: Louise Gray
What it made us think of: This what happens moms drink and craft.
What we liked: When removed from all the whoa, some of these pieces are distinct, fun, and lovely without being overwhelming. Loved the tissue paper head gear.
What we didn't: the boots, tin foil fabric, clashing, random objects attached to shirts

Who: Sister by Sibling
What it made us think of: A gang of rebellious French poodles
What we liked: texture (huge so far for fall),exaggerated pom pom berets, giant kinky hair, whimsy
What we didn't: When separated from the runway look, some of these knits will look mumsy.

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