London Fashion Week FW 13: Giles, Marios Schwab

Who: Giles
What it made us think of: Angels descend to earth to see what college is like. They find themselves liking alt rock and goth design.
What we liked: gold, textured floral motifs, dramatic long skirts, spike details on the turtlenecks, gigantic sleeves, woven leather, romantic wavy hair
What we didn't: big knit hats, this print, nude shoes, looks-like-death makeup (it looked okay on darker skin tones, but terrible on any pale girls)

Who: Marios Schwab
What it made us think of: matadors and Renaissance warrior angels
What we liked: capes, scroll details, lace embellished rain coats, texture, evening gowns
What we didn't: The shoes were hideous, and several of the gowns did that tired embellished sheer thing.  

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Jael Paris said…
Of course, I love shopping you silly spam-bot! Now be gone!

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