Etsy Shop of the Week: Shovava

Shop: Shovava

Why We Love It: The shop actually offers a variety of items, but the amazing hand painted scarves just keep bringing me back. Most of them just look like butterfly or feather prints, but spread out or draped around shoulders they actually look like wings. I want to soar away in one of these. (The purple feather one is calling my credit card and I'm trying not to give in...)

Price Range: Scarves $34 - $56, Other $6 to $168

Links: Website

Favorite Items:
Click through slideshow below to see favorites

Pictured: Butterfly color scarf $56; Wings black and white scarf $48; Tiger leaf scarf $48; Flowing roses scarf $34; Butterfly indigo scarf $48; Wings on black scarf $56 (also pictured above)


Nora Bradshaw said…
Wow, those are gorgeous.

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