Etsy Shop of the Week: The Drifter Leather

Shop: The Drifter Leather

Why We Love It: A simple leather boot or shoe or even coin purse often makes more of a statement than any over the top piece. In fact, it can be hard to find just the perfect basic leather shoe sometimes. It seems I'm lost in a sea of embellishment, super high heals and trendy add ons. The Drifter Leather has those simple shoes and boots (as well as a selection of pouches and coin purses).

Price Range: Shoes run $90 - $175;  Accessories are $7 - $60

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Favorite Items:
Click through the slide show below to see our favorites.

Pictured: Lace-up ankle boots $125; Grey ballet flats $100; Croc textured oxfords $120; Rose flats $100; Bow flats $100; Custom fit leather boots $150 (also pictured above, WANT!)


Unknown said…
This shop is just too cute! Thanks for the suggestion!

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