Black Sheath Dresses

The little black dress is a closet workhorse for every woman...but me. I have complete black blackout when shopping. Why would I look at black when there's are things that are chartreuse or teal or emerald to look at? But I need a black dress for all the obvious reasons. Despite the fact that my hips love an a-line and only an a-line, I really want a sheath dress.

My dream dress for years has been Black Halo's "Jackie" dress. So classic. Unfortunately, it's $345, although you can get them for less on ebay. But then it's also available in three different jewel tones that I prefer. Black blackout again.
I did find three equally classic but much cheaper options. First, there is this knotted Calvin Klein sheath. It may be the shortest of the four dresses, but it's oddly the most office friendly. I also prefer the blue version. It is $128 on Amazon. ASOS is selling Vesper's structured shoulder dress for just over $100. Love these shoulders! Not only are they fun, but they'd balance out my heavier bottom half. The dress is also available in cream, but that's like asking if I want chocolate ice cream or milk.

The dress that I can't look away from is the "Angelique" by Laura Bynes on Pin-Up Girl. It's so fitted, this really counts as a wiggle dress. Just look at the body-loving seams on that dress. Look at the seams! Just looking at this dress makes me feel sexy, and I'm eating chips in my jammies on the couch. Bonus, those ruffle sleeves are actually a cape. A CAPE! Sorry, I got excited there. All of this for $108. People will think you had it custom made. It's also available in red, but red and tight feels too over-the-top sexy. For once the black wins out in spades.


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