10 Dumbest Things I've Bought (Fashion-wise)

I recently read a post on a blog called Hollow Tree Ventures (I'm not sure how I got there. That's the joy of the internet) in which the blogger details her ten dumbest purchases. It instantly brought to mind my own buying failures. I'm sure I can exceed ten if I went into specifics, but I'd rather not embarrass myself that much.

10. Anything that just barely fit but I figured I could lose weight for
Seriously, this is a terrible idea. Unless you currently employ a personal trainer and are regularly losing, don't do it. Even if you are losing, you don't know how your shape might shift as you do so. Really, a terrible idea.

9. Anything I intend to "fix" once I learn to use (read: turn on) my sewing machine

8. Really cute, cheap shoes that kill my feet
I learned my lesson. What's the point of shoes I can't wear unless I want to be in pain?

7. Pricey, poorly made costume jewelry
I love costume jewelry, but I'm not shelling out some of the prices I've seen lately. $50 for a necklace? No. If I'm going to spend a lot of money of costume jewelry I'm going to find interesting vintage piece or buy from a designer on Etsy. I'm staying away from department and big box brands that aren't worth the cash.

6. Designer for designer sake
This is something I did when I was younger. I wanted brand and designer names, but I couldn't afford them so any time something came into my price range, even if it was awful, I would consider it. This is an easy trap to fall into at outlet stores, thrift stores, garage sales and T.J.Maxx. If you wouldn't buy it with a Target tag, don't buy it with a Gucci tag.

5. Clearance for clearance sake
I was either unemployed and dangerously under-employed for five years. I needed to replace clothes. I ran out of things that didn't have holes in them. I frequently bought cheap stuff that I wouldn't normally want just for the sake of getting some new things. Sometimes the clothes surprised me, but most of the time I would have been better off buying a single more expensive item than the five cheap, unwearable ones I bought.

4. Most of the purses I own (Or anything I've settled for)
I'm super picky about the structure of my purse. I actually need one badly, but I'm through buying "close-enough" bags. I'm never happy. I'm waiting for something that is actually perfect. Until then, I'm using all the bags I don't like but already have.

3. Event-based clothing
This is often required. I don't regret any of my bridesmaid dresses because I was honored to be there for friends on their big days. I do, however, hate most of the clothes I bought because I didn't have anything to wear to (fill in the blank). I try to keep standbys on hand such as little black dresses and classy basics so I can avoid these sorts of purchases.

2. Souvenir Clothing
Some of my favorite fashions have been purchased on trips. I'm glad I bought all that I did in Italy. And I'm super happy I stocked up on socks in Japan. On the flip side "I've always wanted to shop here" or "This band is awesome" aren't exclamations that mean I need to buy clothes. It doesn't usually result in something I frequently wear.

1. Anything that came with a free gift in a free tote bag
Comedienne Rita Rudner has a bit about "the free gift." It goes something like "We buy something we don't want to get a free gift we don't need in a tote bag we won't use." It's true, and if you've done it, not so funny. I love free stuff so I'm very susceptible to this. Thanks to being unemployed for five years, I've broken the habit. However, I watch women fall prey every time I walk past a cosmetics event at Macy's.

What are your worst purchases? Do you have any frequent poor purchasing habits?


Jael Paris said…
You and I feel differently about costume jewelry, but then I have years in the jewelry business too.

Other than that and free with purchase, I'd done all of these. If you'll excuse me, I need to go figure out which of today's purchases I'm returning.

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