Hat's Off to Sherel's

The day and age of people in fabulous hats sadly is not the current day and age, but I feel like hats are making a bit of a comeback (or maybe I dress so strangely now that I just think all of the things I like are perfectly acceptable attire). Sherel's offers high-end, stunning hats that are clearly made out of whatever magical materials make up old movies. I imagine putting on one of these hats would transport me into a classic film where I would, no doubt, live fabulously ever after. (The hats are a bit pricey, but these are statement pieces that look to be of a quality worth the investment. Also, I thought we'd enjoy looking at them even if we all can't afford one. So pretty!)
Felt facsinator, $305
Purple/grey fedora, price not listed (want!)
Orange/grey fedora, price not listed
Black flowered cloche, $325
Velour flowered cloche, $325
Striped fedora, price not listed (need!)


Sarah O said…
I love wearing hats, even if it's not the norm. And I'm loving the sight of more hats in the media from Downton Abbey to the Royal Wedding.
jenn said…
I love hats too! Would like to see a post about what to wear them with. I have one from UO but never know what to wear the darn thing with!
Jael Paris said…
What kind of hat is it, Jenn?
Betty said…
I have recently developed a love for hats too, but unfortunately, I have not worked up the courage to wear one. No one wears hats where I live! I am afraid I would look a bit out of place. These remind me of my grandmother, a woman who knew how to wear a hat!
jenn said…
It is a cloche. It is dark blue. I live in florida where it is always hot!
Alison said…
I would love a post with some ideas on how to wear beautiful hats with more casual clothing. Maybe with jeans and a nice blazer or something along those lines... I have a few hats and would only wear with fancier clothes or with my work clothes, but I'm not allowed to keep the hat on at work...bummer!
Jael Paris said…
I'll work on that one too!

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