Chandelier Earrings. Chandelearrings?

As anyone who follows our Facebook knows, last week I was less interested in stars's gowns than I was their earrings. Studs may be making a huge comeback everyday wear, but chandeliers still dominate special occasions. They're great for adding interest to a simple dress or a punch of color to a neutral (like last week's black lace dresses).
Top: pink drops, Ann Taylor $30
black and blue spikes, Urban Outfitters $58
pink leather and pearl, Anthropologie $96
blue scales, Urban Outfitters $18
Bottom: lavender chandeliers, Anthropologie $48
green rock dangles, Target $25
red bubble drops, Target $8
blue ice crystal drops, Lulu Frost for J. Crew $118


merry wel said…
Chandelier - This is a very popular style, and is as the name sounds. This type has multi-level branches that hang from the ear, and typically has gemstone briolettes, which are tear drop-shaped gems, hanging off the branches.

you can find more about them on
Hannah Blaubaum said…
I love wearing golden chandelier earrings because they look more elegant, but these examples you shared look nice too! Thanks for sharing these, they’re adorable!
Anita Busbee said…
Wow, these are lovely chandelearrings! I especially like the pink drops by Ann Taylor. It looks simple yet elegant. Maybe I can have it customized by my jeweller.
Amelie Cooke said…
Ah, chandeliers. Whoever thought of hanging beads in wires are such genius people. I like earrings that are with single bead at the end of it. Not to mention pearl earrings, the most elegant earrings for me! I have sets actually, many were bought online.
Megan Ball said…
I agree with what Anita said, the pink drops chandelier earrings also caught my attention for the very reason that it’s simple yet classy. These are the types of accessories I would want to wear, even though there are small details in it, it can still attract and strike other people.

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