Sweater Dresses

Despite the protests of some, sweater dresses are great for staying toasty and feminine in the dead of winter. Their only downfall is the clinginess that does bizarre things to my things. No likey. However, I did manage to find several lovelies that are loose around the legs. A few went promptly on my Christmas list.
Top: blue pointelle scoopneck dress, Victoria's Secret $78 (sale)
purple ruched dress, Kohl's $35 (sale)
neon and lace dress, Macy's $69
teal dot and print dress, Mod Cloth $75
Bottom: graduated stripe dress, Mod Cloth $72 (sale)
mustard cowl neck dress, Victoria's Secret $50 (sale)
red cowl neck asymmetrical dress, Macy's $27 (sale)
chevron stripe dress, Mod Cloth $102 (sale)


Jennifer Wells said…
Oh, these are so adorable! Sometimes, though, sweater dresses give me a fat belly. So I have to be careful.
Jael Paris said…
The ruched one wouldn't. I have that problem too sometimes, but a sash belt will cover that up.
Great picks! My favorite is the chevron print dress. The sweater dress is easy go to outfit for winter.

workboy53 said…

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