Review: A Multitude of Mary Kay

I recently received the opportunity to review some Mary Kay products through our advertising network, BlogHer. I've reviewed some of their products in the past, and I was really excited to try more from Mary Kay.

I'm going to begin by updating you on four of the products I tried last time--the Compact Mini, the Mineral Eye Color, the Cheek Color and the Ultimate Mascara.

The Compact Mini is a great system. It can hold three eye shadows and a cheek color on the top level. Under that is a secret compartment for your brushes and sponges. It's perfect for travel. The eye shadows and cheek color don't snap into pre-determined holes, either; the tray is a magnet and you just plop in the colors you want. This means you can actually put six eye shadows in if you skip the blush. I have rosy cheeks, so I don't always use blush. My compact currently has six shadows in it, making it the perfect little travel compact for me.

Speaking of eye shadow, I was able to try a few more of Mary Kay's mineral eye colors. I still like them, but with continued use I've noticed that they don't have the staying power I'd like. The powder blends beautifully, but if I try to apply it for a bolder impact, it sort of smudges all around, and unlike most of my other shadows, I can't use it as an eyeliner without it making a mark on my upper lid. I have, however, enjoyed the bold, glittery colors for blending into a rich smokey eye. I also like the matte beiges and browns for contouring. Using a primer might fix my problems, so I still give the mineral eye color a thumbs-up.

As I said, I don't use cheek color a lot, but if I'm going to use it, I will use Mary Kay's. I like how it goes on. It blends in well and the color I used--Shy Blush--had nice golden tones that don't fight with my already rosy cheeks. It just accents them well.

Since I last reviewed Mary Kay, the Ultimate Mascara has become my only mascara. Seriously, this stuff is amazing. At $15 a tube, it costs a bit more than most drug store brands, but it is still cheaper than most department store brands. It applies beautifully. I just love this stuff. If I could afford to, I would give a tube to everyone I know.

Speaking of things I would give to everyone I know, I'm in love with Mary Kay's Lash Primer. I didn't think anything could make their Ultimate Mascara better, but this did. The primer does just what it says: it gives your mascara a foundation. It also them some added volume. I have a terrible problem with mascara flaking as the day wears on. This solves that problem. It also really helped my lashes hold curl, which is amazing because my thick lashes tend to droop as the day wears on. I even tried the lash primer by itself as a sort of no-color mascara substitute and I loved it. I don't always need full-on mascara, so this gave my lashes the shape and definition I love for a light everyday look.

Because Mary Kay loves me and my lashes, they also sent their Lash Love Mascara. The brush seemed strange at first, but once I got used to it, I really liked how it applied the mascara. I used this with the lash primer and had pretty, well-defined lashes. I don't know if I love it as much as my Ultimate Mascara because I'm still adjusting to the brush, but it's a close second. I also tried the waterproof variety, but I didn't come up against any swimming or crying or rain that day. Maybe I should have done a sappy movie marathon to test it. Still, it wore beautifully. If you don't have Mary Kay's amazing eye makeup remover, you'll never get this stuff off, so I fully believe its claims that it will last through sweat, rain, tears, humidity, and pool and salt water. (By the way, Mary Kay didn't send me their eye makeup remover, it's just the best on the market and one of my absolute beauty must-haves. You should get some. Now.)

I also got to try Mary Kay's Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in three colors--Cafe Au Lait, Rock 'n' Red and Mango Tango. I have a confession: I hate lipstick. I feel like it always dries out on my lips and wears off funny. When I wear it, I end up with lipstick anxiety, a disorder that forces me to check my lipstick every five seconds. I loved the tinted balm I tried from Mary Kay a year and a half ago, but this gloss is even better. Usually lip gloss is wimpy when it comes to vivid color. You might see some color at first, but if you want real color you have to go with a lipstick or stain. This stuff, though, is the best of both worlds. It's the smooth, soft, shiny feel of lip gloss with a bold punch of color. My mom decided she wanted to try this stuff too, and I believe she took off with my Cafe Au Lait. It is a lovely, mild color for everyday that suited her skin perfectly. I preferred the vivid orange tang of Mango Tango. The orange undertones kept my very pink lips from showing through too much, and the color looked great on my pale skin. I also loved the Rock 'n' Red lip gloss. Red lipstick can be troublesome, so this gloss is a great alternative. It offers up rich color in a smooth gloss that isn't overly sticky. Also, this stuff really made my lips feel very nice. It lives up to the "nourish" in its name. 

The good news is that you can try some of these products for yourself! Just tell me the greatest beauty tip you've learned for an opportunity to win a fabulous Mary Kay gift basket!

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Jennifer Wells said…
The best beauty tip I know is to wear sunblock. My mom was fanatic about protecting our skin when we were growing up. This was the 80s, and I guess toaster tan was the thing, because kids made fun of me for being pale. But my skin is grateful.
rachel said…
Makeup primer does wonders! I love it.
Anash said…
The best beauty tip I learned was applying castor oil and sunflower seed oil mixed together, it really makes my face look clear, and bright! Thanks for a super giveaway!
My email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Anash said…
Thanks for the chance to win!
email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Amy said…
The greatest beauty tip I’ve learned is to get a good night sleep....if not, put on a moisturizing mask before putter on makeup. Your skin will absorb the foundation much better.

Amy [at] utry [dot] it
Amy said…

renata said…
The beauty tip that I believe in is to always put on SPF first at least a SPF of 15 before any makeup. I usually use 30+ to block out the sun!
renata said…
I tweeted as well :)
lizfigler said…
Get a foundation that had a spf in it, it will save your life in the summer!
lizfigler said…
I tweeted!
Tracey said…
Exfoliate daily to remove dead skin cells and reveal brighter skin.
latanya t said…
apply primer before foundation

dlatany at gmail dot com
latanya t said…

dlatany at gmail dot com
lisacng said…
The greatest beauty tip I've learned is to use primer and an eyelash curler. I don't skip either any day!
lisacng said…
And here's my tweet
G said…
Apply SPF first every morning even on rainy days no exceptions! Gotta prevent the wrinkles!
ms-texas said…
always take your makeup off no matter how tired you are!

debbiebellows (at) gmail (dot) com
ms-texas said…
i tweeted here:

debbiebellows (at) gmail (dot) com
LAMusing said…
Best beauty tip I know is emphasize your eyes OR you lips, not both. It will keep you from looking over made-up.
Norma said…
Get lots of sleep, drink lots of water and SMILE.
bingomamanorma at gmail dot com
Anonymous said…
Over the years, the best advice that has helped me long term to to use the best moisturizer you can possibly afford - now that I'm older, I go for the best serum I can afford!
Lisa Garner said…
My best beauty tip is to use an under eye concealer because it really helps make your face look younger.

Lisa Garner
lisalmg25 at gmail dot com
Lisa Garner said…
I Tweeted:

Lisa Garner
lisalmg25 at gmail dot com
Tabathia B said…
Apply moisturizer daily
tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com
Tabathia B said…
tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com
Erica best said…
never sleep in makeup
Erica best said…
Unknown said…
Always washing your face before bed is probably my best beauty tip! So important to remove the grime and makeup of the day so that it's not sitting on your face and sinking into your pores. Daily cleansing can help minimize the appearance of pores and keep your skin fresh and exfoliated.

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