Pleaser Takes on the Victorians

Far and away, the most popular shoe we've ever featured was Poetic Licence's Victorian tapestry boot. Even during dead of summer heat waves, people click on that boot. Either you all enjoy feeling like proper ladies or we have a bunch of cos-players in the audience. Both sound good to me.

Pleaser had started as a fetish shoe company -- six inch lucite spikes and platforms with slots for tips. Not cute and not for most women. Pleaser still isn't for most women, but they seem to have branched into cosplay with their Funtasma line. That well-named line offers a variety of shoes for lovers of everything from anime to steampunk. The beautiful gold and black scroll work on "Victorian-45" sent me on this peculiar shoe hunt. If you even slightly like Victorian style, you have to love this boot. It's required. And look, there's more!

Are these quality shoes for everyday wear? I doubt it. But they fit the bill if you want this look and are far cheaper than leather boots.

Do you like Victorian shoe styles?


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