Etsy Shop of the Week: Studio8

Shop: Studio8

Why We Love It: Sometimes Jael and I work on the same wavelength. I was planning to feature this shop full of glittery, faceted, fun baubles and she just recommended it to me. This jewelry would make kicky additions to holiday attire as well as year-round fare.

Price Range: $14.50 - $42

Links: Facebook / Twitter

Favorite Items: $
(click through the slideshow below to see all of our favorite items)

Pictured: Orange drop wrapped wire earrings $23; Gold leaf flat glass earrings $29; Natural Moss in blown glass necklace $32; Yellow filled tear drop necklace $32; Black thread in blown glass necklace $34; Red blown glass necklace $26; Iridescent Crystal Cube Earrings $27; Butterfly wing earrings $16; Blue rose lucite earrings $19.50; Silver glitter necklace $34 (also pictured above)


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