Chic & Unique Gift Ideas

Some people are tricky to buy for. They pretty much have what they want or need. In fact, it's hard to even shop with them for ideas because they simply buy what they like when they see it. If you're going to buy for them, you have to be a little more creative.

1. Cube Ring, Topshop, $20
The unique shape means it will be less likely your giftee has something like it. Best of all it's understated yet odd so it should fit with almost anyone's style.

2. Stila Travel Pallette, Sephora, $10
This all in one kit contains several complimentary eye shadows and a convertible color for lips and cheeks. Plus, it features a face guide with application suggestions. It's great for travel, keeping in a purse for emergencies, and for stuffing stockings.

3. Shoe Tape Dispenser, Amazon, $13.92
If work means inhabiting an 8' by 8' cube made of grey walls, grey desk space, grey filing cabinets and grey chairs, this silly little tape dispenser can add some glam.
Chic & Unique Gift Ideas

4. Double-Stick Fashion Tape, Amazon, $7.95
Thirty six little fashion tapes come in a cute little tin for all sorts of emergencies. They can fix gaps between buttons or even fill in for a popped button if needed. They will pick up falling hems or keep lapels, pockets or decorations in place. They also work on skill to stop slipping straps and wayward necklines.

5. Fab Feet Blisstick, Target, $7.99
Add this to the fashion survival kit. Breaking is new shoes can mean bad blisters. Rub on blissstick to help prevent those blisters all day long.

6. Literary Kate Spade Kindle Cover, Amazon, $55.25
There is no reason an ereader can enjoy the same stunning design that book covers receive. Kate Spade offers a series of Kindle Covers based on classic novels so tech-savvy bibliophiles can read in style.

7. Spiked Knuckles Clutch, Arden B, $59
Imagine this on a first date (te he). It has all the glam of evening with plenty of toughness for staying out late. It's cute, dangerous and unique.


Jael Paris said…
I've been going the opposite route. If you are hard to buy for, I will get you tights, socks, nail polish, or something else you're likely to need annually.

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