Etsy Shop of the Week: Monster Brand

Shop: Monster Brand

Why We Love It: This shop is full of nerdy jewelry and buttons. It has stuff for Harry Potter nerds, Doctor Who nerds, book nerds and just general nerds. If you're a nerd like me, you're probably geeking out (nerding out?) about the prospect of wearing your nerdiness in such pretty and well-designed ways.

Price Range: $1.70 - $40

Favorite Items: $
(click through the slide show below to see our favorites)

Pictured: Retro Spaceship Necklace $10; Harry Potter Boy Wizard Necklace $10; Silver Dinosaur Necklace $22; Harry Potter Always Snape Necklace $12; Doctor Who Tardis Necklace $15; Harry Potter Dark Mark Necklace $9; Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Necklace $9; Harry Potter Winged Key Necklace $15; Computer Keyboard Necklace $19; White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland Necklace $15; Anatomical Brain Zombie Necklace $22; Nevermore Edgar Allen Poe Raven Necklace $13; Tiny Astronaut Necklace $20; Hunger Games Charm Bracelet $22; Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Post Necklace $15 (also pictured above)


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