Oxblood Is a Color, Not a Cult Thing

The Fall Winter 2012 shows were very exciting for me. Yum all the burgundy! Burgundy happens to be one of my favorite colors to wear. I find it very luxurious and calming; it's an excellent neutral too. But fashion critics tell me it's called "oxblood" this season. True, it may be slightly more red, but editors are flooding magazines with oxblood, burgundy, wine, and garnet. Or as my brother may say "Dark reddish with a little purpley?" Indeed, brother.
Oxblood Dresses

Oxblood Skirts

Oxblood Tops

Tomorrow, shoes and bags!


Unknown said…
Gorgeous! I'm going to get apple cider and donuts, who's with me?

Show of hands?
Unknown said…
here is another fun way to wear oxblood http://not-going-out-like-that.com/

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