Etsy Shop of the Week Flashback: Made with Molecules

Shop: Made with Molecules

Why We Love It: As part of celebrating our 5-year anniversary, we're re-featuring some of our favorite Etsy shops of the week. Made with Molecules is a shop a recommend to people often when they are looking for a unique gift. Each piece of jewelry is made to look like a molecule, and you can match that molecule with a meaning. Do you have a friend who loves coffee? Skip the necklace that looks like a coffee cup and go for a caffeine molecule instead. Celebrate a friends art gallery opening with a creativity necklace. Treat yourself to calorie free wine and chocolate with chocolate earrings and a resveratrol red wine necklace.

Price Range: $24 - $640

Links: Blog / Facebook / Website 

Favorite Items: (click through the slideshow to see all our favorites)

Pictured: Chocolate Theobromine Molecule Necklace $90; Happiness Serotonin Earrings $50; GEEK Spelled with Amino Acids Necklace $110; Caffeine Molecule Necklace $90; Men's Capsaicin Molecule (Chili Pepper) Necklace $90; Love Dopamine Molecule Necklace $70; Friendship Necklace Set with DNA and RNA Base Pairs $90; Endorphin Choker Necklace $640; Neurocharm Pick Your Mood Bracelet $160; Creativity Necklace Three Molecules $110; Red Wine Resveratrol Molecule Necklace $130 (pictured top)


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