Seeking Inspiration From Vintage Hollywood

Summer is my retro season. This may be because I want to beat the heat without showing too much skin. (And without my skin touching too much. I'm looking at you, burning hot benches!) What better inspiration than classic movie stars dressed for the summer?

I am enamored with how Audrey tied this shirt.

So enamored, I had to show you it again in color and with shoes.
Those shorts make her wee legs look a million miles long.

That's just stinkin' cute.

Lolita Girl sells a bathing suit similar to Ava Gardner's.




Lana Turner, stop making me think a crop top, high waisted shorts and
a turban are good ideas. You look so good!

Reading James Joyce on the playground as you do. I think every woman has this outfit.

Marylin looks so happy and alive and ready for a beach bonfire.

Sundresses win.

Not sure if those are Rita Hayworth's shorts or the bottoms of her bathing suit. Fab shoes.

This bears a whiff of Gap ad. "Everybody in pleated shorts!"
Do you have a set style for summer?


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