Project Design: Sunny Dresses

Yellow is not my color. It makes me look ill. Yet I still love a vibrant yellow dress. Nothing makes me think of summer more than a lovely, sunny frock. I can't wear any of these so I will have to live vicariously through you. Which would you choose?

Yellow Lila Tea Dress by sohomode

Yellow Tunic Dress by Fritilliary

Sun Yellow Convertible Dress by Dalina

Lemon Yellow Checked Dress by digforvictory

Yellow Taupe Tie Dress by AtelierSignature


I love yellow and it matches my eyes..... Can I have ALL of them please? ;-)
Nora Bradshaw said…
You had me at yellow and gray.
Anonymous said…
Becca, you may want to look into different types of yellow. I have a "winter" coloring and so pale, icy yellow and lemon yellow look good on me. But any kind of warm, orangey, saffron or gold oranges--nope.


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