Summer Nail Pick

As the husband was out of town the weekend, I curled up on the couch with a glass of wine, queued up Miss Marple on Netflix, and painted my sorely neglected toenails. I opened my box of polish to discover that I haven't purchased any new colors in a year. It was all (very old) red and pinks, blacks and navys and greys. Where are the magentas, oranges and other bright colors I'm craving? Most importantly, where is the green? I've been staring at green nails in magazines for months now. From spring to emerald, jade to mint, green is the perfect color for celebrating warm weather with your toes free.

Gaga for Green


Anonymous said…
Oo, mint green would be like a cool drink of water.

--Nora B.
Jael Paris said…
Saturday I purchased some aqua/mint polish. Now my fingernails look like a car from the 1950s.

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