Movie Fashion You Want

The other week I watched St. Trinian's. If rowdy boarding school girls, Rupert Everett in drag, and Colin Firth in a movie that makes jokes about Colin Firth movies appeals to you, I recommend it. (I also think star Gemma Arterton was robbed for the Catwoman role in the upcoming Batman movie. Robbed!) When her head (bad) girl, Kelly Jones, was introduced, I fell in love. Mind you, I love a black bob and red lippy, but I need that outfit. In fact, everyone should have a high-waisted pencil skirt and puff sleeve blouse (tiny tie at your leisure).

St. Trinian's head girl outfit is possibly the most affordable movie costume I've swooned for. A reproduction of Liz Taylor's deceptively simple looking white dress from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof can be purchased for nearly $500 on Etsy.

I also love nearly everything non-burlesque (and even a little of the burlesque) from Moulin Rouge. An exact replica of the climactic white show dress would run me at least $5000. No doubt the burgundy dress and embroidered bolero pictured would be nearly as much.

I don't even want to imagine what Charlize Theron's delicious Snow White and the Huntsmans gowns, with their to-the-floor beading and adornment with wood and bone, would cost. (That move is clothing porn with slow-motion detail shots during the credits. Clothing porn. The costumes are absolutely worth Kristen "Blank Stare" Stewart's acting. With that math, Chris Hemsworth is a sexy bonus.)

What movie costume do you covet?


Jael Paris said…
Ooh! I also want the luscious cocoon coat worn by Velma Kelly in the trial scene in Chicago. So vampy and sexy.

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