Love or Loathe: Unique Shorts

You may disagree with me. You may vehemently disagree with me, but I think these shorts are freaking cool. I have large thighs so shorts like to climb them. These both look like they would have room for my thighs (I keep writing "thights" which pretty much explains my relationship with shorts.) but they're also long enough to not creep up. The high, soft waist band, however, seems like it would be a little too tummy hugging and the plain back would show all your underwear details. If they were made of linen or even wool instead of cotton jersey knit, I'd be all over them.


becca said…
I like the idea of these shorts. (I have the same issues with them you listed).

With my thighs I like a short that is long enough to stay down and loose enough to actually fit. Something like these shorts could work.

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