Best Budget Workout Wear

Today I had planned on bringing you a shopping post about budget workout wear. However, Blogger deleted my post with all the links I'd rounded-up. Honestly, it was hard to find budget activewear that didn't look like it would fall apart after a few washes, and few places have the online selections I found in the stores for some reason. I've been working out more, but I don't want to invest in my workout clothes because I'm hoping to lose a bit of weight. Honestly, I have two stops for activewear, and the prices couldn't be better.

This is where I get most of my underpinnings lately so it seemed like the best place to shop for a sports bra. The C9 line comes in a ton of styles and colors for mostly under $20. I like the racerback compression bra (pictured), which regularly costs $14.99. I believe I caught a sale and got a few dollars off. It's held up great so far, even though I wash and dry it about three times a week.

Yep. You read that right. I've been buying clothes at Walmart. Their Danskin Now workout line has a price that can't be beat and quality that will surprise you. I've had Danskin workout pants, capris, shorts and yoga pants for a few years now. They've held up better than some of the Target and Kohl's brands I've purchased. They also cost a lot less.  Most of the materials are moisture wicking or cotton blends. Many of their new products some with little pockets for your iPod.

The website doesn't do the store's selection justice. Most of the tops I found there were only $5. Pants were all under $15. They also sell a lot of packages that will give you an even better deal. The $11 relax-fit workout pants (pictured) are my favorite. They come in petite sizes as well as regular, and they have pockets big enough to my giant (old) iPod and my gym locker key. One warning: the bottoms run big and some of the tops run small.

P.S. Danskin Now bike shorts are great for wearing under skirts, especially if you prefer not to have your thighs rub together on hot, sweaty days.


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