Love or Loathe: Body Con

Body conscious clothing seems like a thing for fitness enthusiasts and teenagers who haven't finished puberty. Not that they don't look good in the dresses, but most women aren't chomping at the bit to have clothing show all their curves and bumps. I've read that Herve Leger dresses are worth every penny because the construction of the clothing sucks and smooths the figure like full-body Spanx, but the jersey knits available in most stores seems to create shapes that didn't exist before. (I've tried on such clingy knits more than once and exclaimed, "Those aren't my thighs!") So while this dress pictured is pretty, how do you feel about body con clothing in particular?


Jennifer Wells said…
I do love the dress pictured.

As a compromise, aren't there dresses available that resemble the rubber-band dresses of the 90s? Body conscious, but in forgiving material.
becca said…
Some of the designer body con dresses look really cool in magazines and on Red carpets, but these dresses are super well made, worn by people who worry about their looks for a living, and probably have a lot of expensive underwear beneath them.

The non-designer body-con dresses I've seen on the street did unfortunate things to even really fit people.

If you're going to go for the look, I think you have to spend the money. For me, the look isn't spectacular enough to be worth it.
John Odom said…
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