Paris Fashion Week FW12: Chanel, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton

Who: Chanel
What it made us think of: Taking an expedition into outer space to explore a crystalline-covered cave planet.
Thoughts: At times I liked the skirt over pants suit effect, but sometimes I looked heavy. The prism and crystal effects and shapes worked well throughout, but the mix of textures often overwhelmed the designs. I loved the jewel tones and asymmetrical ombre shoes.
Who: Givenchy
What it made us think of: A dominatrix warrior with a surprisingly colorful lingerie collection.
What we liked: Wide sleeves, armor look, lace with leather, intricate embroidery, some of the wide boots
What we didn't: Overwhelming layering, the lacy clothes didn't make sense in the collection, some of the boots looked to wide & clunky.
Who: Louis Vuitton
What it made us think of: Old fashioned train travel where the passengers were each forced to leave behind one bag thus having to wear multiple outfits at a time.
Thoughts: As opulent as the clothes are they took a back seat to the vintage- and luggage-inspired bags, steampunk goggles, big-enough-for-three-rabbits hats, and statement shoes. Jewel embellishments, lovely coats, big buttons and cool shoes were the standouts in a collection that had a bit too much going on.
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