New York Fashion Week FW12: Zac Posen, Donna Karan, Monique Lhuillier

Who: Zac Posen
What it made us think of: 1930s British aristocrats on a train trip through China.
What we liked: flared skirts, jewel tones, fitted blazers, Asian florals, long coats
What we didn't: thick ankle strap shoes

Who: Donna Karan
What it made us think of: With all the men off at war, the mobster molls took over as crime kingpins.
What we liked: tiny hats, red, pinstripes, menswear, 40s influence, shoes, bags, origami faux cuffs and collars, red eye shadow working
What we didn't: Nothing. There have been some seasons we didn't even cover Donna Karan. This is seriously the best show I've seen from her.

Who: Monique Lhuillier
What it made us think of: Betty Draper's high fashion take on glam goth
What we liked: leather, red, cinched waists, full skirts, abstract patterns, figure accentuating seaming

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Jennifer Wells said…
I love the descriptions. You always hit the nail on the head. Especially the Betty Draper goes goth part.

Judging from these photos alone, I myself do like the Zac Posen shoes, ankle strap and all.

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