New York Fashion Week FW12: Thom Browne, Tory Burch, TSE

Who: Thom Browne
What it made us think of: Tim Burton mixed with a cocktail of Japanese designers
What we liked: Drama mixed with whimsy, exaggerated shapes, buttons, "fox" stoles, tailoring, cages, driving gloves
What we didn't: The hoof-like veils over the shoes, white-out lipstick, the pants that looked like gym clothes
Who: Tory Burch
What it made us think of: Sexy society librarian (there's totally such a thing) meets Love in the Afternoon
What we liked: Shoes!, jackets & coats, leather accents, prim prints, tailoring, tights
Who: TSE
What it made us think of: Knitting yourself a really fabulous cocoon for to crawl into for the winter.
What we liked: Intricate knits, knits that looked like lace, a move upscale feel from past years
What we didn't: Long skirts under almost everything, the gowns seemed out of place for a knit-based sportswear collection
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