New York Fashion Week FW12: Anna Sui, Betsey Johnson, L.A.M.B.

Who: Anna Sui
What it made us think of: What Zooey Deschanel will be wearing this fall.
What we liked: The bright tights, owl hats, neck ruffles, playful prints (especially the book print!), cute socks, color, overall whimsy
What we didn't: The caftans and blanket coats were a bit much, the slouchy combat boots didn't quite fit and some of the runway styling was a bit too matchy matchy (but as separates most of those items were great).
Who: Betsey Johnson
What it made us think of: An acid trip that hasn't stopped since it began in the 60s.
What we liked: Bright tights, black and white ensembles, fun prints, hats
What we didn't: The short, tight, shiny (and cheap looking) portions of the show.
Who: L.A.M.B.
What it made us think of: A mash up Rock N' Roll styles from the 60s to the 90s
What we liked: Houndstooth, moto jackets, pops of neon, cool pants, punky plaid
What we didn't: The matchy tops w/jackets and the jumpsuits, repetitive items, lack of color (despite the pops of neon)
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