Love or Loathe: Granny Panties

If burlesque dancer Dita wears them,
who's to say granny panties aren't sexy?
For years, I've been told that full coverage panties are terrible. They're for old women. They're not sexy. You can't even buy lingerie sets with them. It's all thongs, cheeky hipsters and bikini briefs. Well, guess what? I'm tired of trying to wear underwear that's only meant for Victoria's Secret models. I have a big booty and needs some booty coverage. Anything less rides up and bikinis bite in. Besides, they have great retro appeal.

Where do you stand on higher-waisted, full-coverage undies?


Bronnie said…
I've been thinking about buying some to wear with my 50's skirts, but have been wondering how they'd feel after years of hipster bikinis.
But I think that they can look so much nicer and sexier than hardly there thongs.
Anonymous said…
I think they're hot, as long as they're silky. Thinner women and thicker women both look great in them.

signed - a guy
Anonymous said…
Absolutely! I'm so tired of the lack of cute coverage! If its possible to make it cute and comfortable... why not?
Anonymous said…
I prefer full coverage panties personally (just like what you see on that pin up model). In my opinion thongs are trashy, gross and uncomfortable. Full coverage, bikini briefs and boy shorts are where it's at for me.

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