Cute & Colorful Mary Jane Shoes

Hello. My name is becca and I'm addicted to Mary Jane Shoes. It has been six months since my last Mary Jane acquisition.

Don't applaud yet though. This post has me teetering on the edge of the wagon. One little bump in the road and I'm going to be splashing through spring showers in those cute seascape shoes. (And those purple ruffle wedges and the green stripe shoes and the peacock pumps and ones that look like a duck and...)
Contrast Stitch Pumps, Endless, $57.99
Ruffle Corset Pumps, 6pm, $69.99
Ruffle Band Wedges, Endless, $79
Seascape Shoes, Infinity Shoes, $149.95

Cortesan Floral Pump, Endless, $129
Canvas Stripe Pumps, Endless, $99
Peacock Pump, Endless, $45
Wingtip Peep Toes, Anthropologie, $118

Floral Bow Flats, Modcloth, $29.99
Color Block Pump, DSW, $64.95 *
Belted Button Flats, Nordstrom, $99.95
Kitten Heel Mary Janes, Zappos, $49.99

*Don't these remind you of a duck?


Vicki B. said…
Woman, what are you DOING to me??

It's such a good thing that the floral ones are both out of my price range and way too high a heel for me. If it was just one or the other, I might try to find a way to justify that purchase, and then I'd have to come begging to you for food.

Same with the purple ruffle ones. I hate wedges (I think they look awful on me for whatever reason).

You narrowly dodged a bullet, missy!
Jennifer Wells said…
This is pure shoe pornography.

I'm dying over here.

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