$150 Challenge: H&M Online Blue & Orange

I love H&M for its affordable, fashionable clothes that come in regular (and not junior sizes). I love love love that they have an online shopping website now. I also love this look. I love blue with orange. I love wide leg pants. I love cute cardigans. I LOVE trench coats. I love a pop of bright color. I love heels so if I'm going to wear flats they had better pop like this leopard print pair. I love it all so much I went $7.75 over budget. But with all this love* in air, you'll forgive me right?
$150 Challenge: H&M Online Blue & Orange

Double-breasted Classic Trench, $49.95
Draped Faux Wrap Blouse, $29.95
Shawl Collar Knit Cardigan, $29.95
Wide Leg Pants w/Braided Belt, $34.95
Leopard Print Ballet Flats, $12.95

*I know I've said "I love" enough, but I also love H&M's Dressing Room feature that lets you assemble an outfit on a model to see proportions and such. It's a great online shopping tool and how I made the images of the look in this set.


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