Pick of the Week: Walking On Clouds

I love cute shoes. I love comfortable shoes. I love Mary Jane shoes. These Indigo by Clarks Plush Weave Pumps ($109.99, Endless) are all of those things. I have two pair of Indigo by Clarks shoes. I can wear them all day and still feel like I am walking on clouds. These shoes are so cute, owning them would put me on Cloud Nine. Between the cute and the comfort, I doubt I would have to walk anywhere in these--I would just float along on clouds. Sadly, my wallet only has vapor in it so I'll have to wait for them to go on sale.


elite barcelona said…
That's what all women need !

Anonymous said…
I didn't realize what a good deal I got when I bought them on sale. Word to the wise, they feel very comfy when you first put them on, but on me they rubbed the back of my ankle after some walking. Consider padding the back.
Maia Dobson said…
I love clarks shoes. These one's cute and perfect for any outfit.
Blake Anderson said…
This is one of the cutest Mary Jane shoes I've seen. It's just a little pricey but it's a good investment because of the classic design.

Erica White said…
I love the design and color. I haven't worn any heels since I had my injury but I hope my podiatrists would approve this one for me. At least the heels are not that high.

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