Golden Globes 2012: Our Top Picks

Part of the reason I even do Dress the Nominee is because the Golden Globes broke me with boringness a few years ago. Safe is neither interesting nor memorable. It's safe. What a change! becca and I had a hard time picking our favorite looks this year because so many celebrities experimented with cut and color and accessories. Our picks demonstrate the importance of accessories, color, design and texture.

Grecian gowns are one of my top offenders for boring, but the details on Emma Stone's dress -- slightly beaded shoulders, interesting color blocking, and a big ol' eagle belt -- take it beyond the usual.
Confession: I can't pass up an English Rose in saffron. If your skin is pure white and you burn by thinking about the beach, please, for me, buy this color and slap on some red lipstick. Be warned, I may stare at you. I couldn't stop staring at Mireille Enos, even though I had no idea who she is and thought she was Jessica Chastain. She looks so amazing in this color I now know her name, know she's on The Killing and know she's married to Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. That dress did a nice share of PR work.

I was crazy-go-nuts for Giles' laser cut swan dress when it came down the runway and immediately saved it to my "awards show dresses" file. Diana Argon wore the perfect hair and makeup with it. This look may have landed her on a few worst dressed lists, but we think it's awesome. It's like she's a delicate paper Valentine.
If people wear something fun on the red carpet, I'm pleased. Still, I don't often want the dress. Evan Rachel Wood, I want your dress! Green! Feathers! Sparkles! Sexy! Great hair! ** swoon ** Kudos as well for the makeup. Too smokey of an eye or too dark of lip would have veered this into gothic territory. Please email editor at fashionmefabulous dot com for shipping info. Thank you.

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