Fashion 'Round the Web

Can I please be as cool as Iris Apfel when I'm in my 90s? (Into the Gloss)

Crochet Cloud has so many amazing designer-inspired DIYs, I can't pick just one to share (although I'm going to try the Miu Miu socks).

In 1902, someone made post cards depicting "women of the future." My cousin the firefighter may disagree with the lady fireman in the corset, but I think I have one of the military jackets. (Retronaut)

Hairpin explains how to make your own solid perfume.

Make your own hardware-trimmed clutch a'la Alexander Wang for under $30. (Runway DIY)

How will the newly launched Plus Model Magazine impact fashion? (Fly & Mighty)

Into studs and other metal accessories? Here's a gallery to inspire you. (Outsa Pop)


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