Etsy Shop of the Week: Olivia Royale

Shop: The Art and Found by Olivia Royale

Why We Love It: Floppy, wide brim winter hats. Yep, that's why we love it. They are cute, unique and warm. Also, we love hooded cowls/capelets, any shop with a section titled "Wearble Art," crocheted bowler hats, bow tie scarves, and the amount of fun Olivia Royale seems to be having with fashion.

Price Range: $20 - $368

More Info: Like Olivia Royale's work on Facebook and save 10% with coupon code: "SaveHandmade"

Favorite Items: Floppy Brim Winter Hat $40 (pictured); Winter Bowler Hat $38; Bow Tie Scarf in Fig $30; Valentines Day Capelet $52; The Shapeshifter Hat $48


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