We Were So Cool In High School

Now that he's the most powerful man in the country,
Barack Obama plans to bring back leisure suits.
One of the quickest ways to telegraph your age (and a big fashion faux pas) is to keep wearing the trends that were popular when you were in high school. You've seen them: the 60-year-old woman in a beehive and cat-eye glasses, the 40-year-old with giant frizzy curls and pegged acid-washed jeans. Thankfully, I was never one for the track pants and halter tops (thanks Britney) that so entranced my graduating class.

I tried to slough off most of high school the moment I graduated, but some styles you just love. They enchanted you when you were developing your style and you still gravitate to them now. For me, I adore chokers, especially black ribbon chokers. I had an assortment of small pendants I'd slide onto a ribbon; it made me feel like a Victorian romantic in a sea of pop tart and rapper wannabes. That they're coming back thrills me to no end. (More on that later this week.)

What trend, popular when you were in high school, would you like to see make a comeback?


Jael Paris said…
I also want dark lipsticks to come back in so people will stop calling me a vampire.
Jennifer Wells said…
Honestly, I'm kind of glad to leave the 90s behind me because I dressed horribly in high school!

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