Project Design: Beetle Jewelry

Last night, the Project Accessory designers were challenged to create accessories for a red carpet look. As a twist they were taken to an oddities shop and instructed to choose a creepy crawly bug as inspiration. Nina, is a brave woman and chose a spider, which nearly earned her a win. But the beetle stole the show. Rich created eye catching, but almost too realistic beetle jewelry. His brooch (below), necklace (right), earrings and ring would probably only be sported by a brave and interesting celeb. I loved the idea of bugs as jewelry. (Even though I hate the very idea of bugs). Which creepy critter from Etsy would you consider red carpet ready?

Egyptian Beetle Wing Earrings by Never4gottenFantasy
Garden Spider Brooch by ElizabethKhoury
Beetle Wing Necklace by silentcheesecake
Insect bracelet and Spider ring set by HelloDIY
BOOK origami beetle pin by catamation
Spider Web Necklace by andVAddicted
Real Butterfly Wing Necklace by PoPkO


Jael Paris said…
I've had those first earrings on my wishlist for a while.
shopPOPKO said…
I saw that episode and thought it waould've been a perfect deisgn challenge for me! Thanks for including my butterfly study necklace in your collection.

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