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Jael, Becca--how did the two of you become friends? When I was in college, I started my university's writer's group. Pen nerds need a place, you know. becca came to our very first meeting and did not come back because I was intense and college is full of things shinier than pen nerds.
becca in Italy in 2006.
(I stole this from her Facebook.)

In March of that year I secured funding from the university to send eight people to a writer's conference. I emailed everyone on our sparse mailing list and got a response from some freshman named Rebecca. Great. Freshmen.

So on the day we leave, I decided to take the freshman in my car as she knows no one and everyone else on the trip is a friend of mine as they're the only people I could brow-beat into sticking with writer's group. She tells me she still needs to put on make up, and I tell her I hate her because it looks like she's already wearing makeup.

As we're driving, we start to talk about the music we like (which is the same), the food we like (which is all of it), and *drumroll* our Baptist high school horror stories. From here on out we were friends, which was handy dandy when she got food poisoning and was rolling around in my backseat moaning when the cop pulled us over and when a cranky member of the group accused me a being a Nazi because I didn't want to dine at Panera. Good times.

What country that you have NOT been to yet would you most like to visit? Why? becca could not be reached for this post (holidays), so I get to make it up! I know she's been to Italy, Canada (it counts!) and Nicaragua. She has a lot of food allergies which both gets in the way of eating all things delicious and of traveling to countries soaked in said foods. In light of that, I'm going to say becca would like to go to Japan. My roommate and her good friend lives there, but I don't think with the food they eat it would be the easiest trip for her.

I've been to Paris, London, China, Canada (still counts!) and Japan, but I have a long list of places I'd still like to see. Tops is Ireland for the usual reason -- my family is from there. I'd like to hit up the pub, find a charming old man, and listen to his stories for a solid week.


rachel said…
I still love your "how we met" story.

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