Fashion Questions Answered

Blazer from yesstyle.
Here are our answers to your burning fashion questions:

How do you wear a blazer without looking stuffy? The important parts are the shoulders and fabric. If you want to wear a casual blazer at work, pick a soft fabric that can be scrunched up on the sleeves. An unpadded shoulder also goes a long way toward unstuffing. Bright colors help, but bright colors plus padded shoulders are rather 80s. Good rule of thumb: If Emma Pillsbury would wear the blazer, it's not stuffy.

Headscarves: What are the rules? In my area, there is a healthy population of Amish, Sikhs, and uber conservative Pentecostals, so my hard and fast rule with head scarves is to make sure your hair shows lest people start asking you about your religious affiliation. (I've been asked this question merely because I prefer skirts to pants.) If your want a glam 70s boho look, check out our post about Beyonce's head scarf in Dreamgirls.


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