becca and I disagree about chokers. She hates having things near her throat -- necklaces, turtlenecks, anything. I love having things around my neck. In fact, I've been known to tie ribbons around my neck to jazz up an outfit.
Clockwise: 14k rose gold plated roses, Tuleste Market on Endless $125
colorful stones necklace, Ralph Lauren at Lord & Taylor $58
feather bib choker, Urban Outfitters $39
red gem collar, Jessica Simpson at Zappos $67.99 (sale)
smooth space circle collar, Bauble Bar $56
color studded balls on leather strap, Top Shop $80
lock and key choker chain, Endless $69.50 (sale)
dark copper rhinestone buckle, Lord & Taylor $45
pearls and spikes choker, Urban Outfitters $34


Nikell said…
I like chokers. I've done the ribbon thing too. Out of the ones above, I like the buckle & feathered ones.
becca said…
I've learned I can do the shaped metal chokers/collars that just sit on your neck without really feeling like they are wrapped around it so I like the smooth circle collar.

(Anything else make me feel like I'm about to be strangled. Strangely, I can wear scarves just fine.)

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