Ask Us (Nearly) Anything

We plan to have a light week of party posts between Christmas and New Years, but we also wanted to spend some of that down time just hanging out with you. So if you've ever wanted to know something about us -- how we met, what's becca's favorite food, why I have rabbits -- now's the time to ask. Put your questions here and we'll answer them in a post next week.


Jennifer Wells said…
How do you wear a blazer without looking stuffy?
J.G. Edathil said…
Headscarves: What are the rules?
Jennifer Wells said…
Oh my gosh, I read this post a second time and realized that I completely misunderstood. For that I apologize.

Okay, Jael, Becca--how did the two of you become friends?
Rachel said…
Question for both Jael and becca: What country that you have NOT been to yet would you most like to visit? Why?

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